Vegan Wine Revolution making waves across the world

A great year for Stellar Winery as they pile up numerous wine awards
January 30, 2019

Veganism, a popular health trend, has been gaining traction among consumers worldwide. Yet, many consumers are not aware that most of the wine they consume is not actually vegan.

Consumers are becoming more educated and aware about what they consume. A Vegan Wine Revolution is making waves across the world, so here’s what you need to know.

Why most wines are not considered vegan:

Many wine makers add animal products to their wine to achieve a desired result. These agents are during the fining, and to a lesser extent, the filtration process.

The fining process removes solids, odors, bitterness and controls the colour of wine.

How to make wine vegan:

Winemakers use different techniques when making wine that is vegan. This includes conventional, organic, or low intervention techniques.

Making vegan wine is possible due to a new generation of animal-free agents. These include agents made from peas and potatoes. Other vegan-friendly options include carbon and clay-based agents.

What makes our wine vegan:

Stellar Winery does not use any additives derived from animals when making wine. Instead, we make use of a cross-flow sterile filtration method to clarify our wine.

Creating wine that is environmentally responsible, sustainable and healthier is our passion.

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